What is Yinzlate?

Yinzlate is a translation app now available on Windows Phone 8. Translate your English speech into how someone from Pittsburgh would say it. Yinzlate was created to celebrate the cultural differences of those who live near Pittsburgh. Choose from predefined phrases or come up with your own. Then share with your friends. Are you lost in Pittsburgh and need to speak to the natives to find your way? This app is a must have. Looking to brush up on your yinzer speak before visiting? We've got you covered. Just looking to kill some time? There are plenty of translations for you to discover. If you feel like getting creative and find a translation we should add, use our contribute page to tell us about it and your translation could make it into our next update.

Yinzlate requires English (United States) to be installed on your phone for speech recognition features.

Download it from the Windows Phone Store
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App updates

As Yinzlate is used and I start getting feedback on the translations, I do plan on taking that feedback and submitting updates to the app.

Yinzlate on Windows Phone 8 also has a section where users can submit corrections in translation and even suggestions for new translations.

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